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Posted Tracts: Nearly all trust lands are open to non-vehicular public access for hunting.  Very few tracts of trust land are posted and then only with signs issued by the Department of Trust Lands. Click here to see the signs.  If you see signs not issued by the Department, call Jerry at 701-328-1919.  To view a live database listing of posted tracts, click here.  This database is always up to date.

2014 USDA Cash Rent and Land Value Survey:   Click here for the latest survey.

Land Board Public Meeting Notices: Use this link to sign up for automatic notification of Land Board meeting information. Find this agency in the listing under ND Department of Trust Lands.

Makin' a List - Checkin' it Twice:  Santa is not the only one who should be checking lists this time of the year.  Having recently passed another reporting deadline new names are being added daily to the list of North Dakota residents and businesses that are entitled to uncashed checks, dormant accounts, forgotten credit balances, lost securities, etc.    Free and unlimited searches can be done by clicking here to search for your name or the name of your business.  Check now and visit often.

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