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2014 USDA Cash Rent and Land Value Survey is Here:  The 2014 USDA cash rent and land value survey is now published.  Click here for the latest survey.

Results - Spring 2014 Surface Leasing Auctions:  The spring lease auctions for surface tracts are complete.  Click here for auction results.

Land Board Awards Law Enforcement Energy Infrastructure and Impact Grants - January 30, 2014: At its January 14, 2014 meeting the Board awarded $5 million in grants to law enforcement agencies in oil-producing counties, and an additional $100,000 to law enforcement agencies serving growing populations throughout the State. A full list of awards can be found using this link.

Land Board Public Meeting Notices: Use this link to sign up for automatic notification of Land Board meeting information. Find this agency in the listing under ND Department of Trust Lands.

WAY Better Odds Than the Lottery: .....and you don't have to buy or keep track of a ticket. Free and unlimited searches can be done by clicking here to search for your name or the name of your business.

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