The Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office (EIIO) is a division within the Department of Trust Lands. EIIO provides financial assistance to local units of government that are impacted by oil and gas activity. In turn, EIIO receives a portion of the Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax. The office has been a part of the Department of Trust Lands since 1977 and was formally known as the Energy Development Impact Office created under N.D.C.C. ch. 57-62. Over the course of the past 40 years, EIIO has dispersed over $624 million in funding.

EIIO receives grant applications from cities, schools, counties, and other political subdivisions, reviews the applications with an Advisory Committee whose members have been appointed by the Board of University & School Lands (Board) and then makes recommendations to the Board. Each grant’s advisory committee considers the grant criteria, eligibility, and application guidelines, and all meetings are conducted under the Open Meetings Laws.  Grants are reviewed and approved through a process of consensus, not a majority vote.


Eligible Applicants

The Board is currently only awarding contingency grants available to oil and gas development-impacted political subdivisions including cities, counties, school districts, and other taxing districts.  The objective of this funding is to offset costs incurred for an emergency or unanticipated incident where the damage is directly related to or impacted by current oil and gas development.

The Contingency Fund Advisory Committee will assist in reviewing the eligible applications and make recommendations to the Board, which will make the final decision to award the grants. Funding will not be disbursed to successful grant recipients until projects are substantially complete and the supporting documentation is submitted with a reimbursement request form.

The application is found at application-forms and is available in both MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat versions.