Administration -
Heringer, Joseph Land Commissioner 701-328-2807
Unclaimed Property -
Dollinger, Susan Director 701-328-1944
Bosch, Emily Claims Processor 701-328-2805
Fretty, Jessica Administrative Assistant 701-328-2804
Mitchell, Kisha Claims Processor 701-328-2973
Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office (EIIO) - 
Owings, Rick Grants Administrator 701-328-1922
Asset Management
Investments -
Mihail, Frank Chief Investment Officer 701-328-2806
Hettinger, Teresa Investments Officer 701-328-1947
Tang, Anning Investments Officer 701-328-5851
Minerals Management -
Suelzle, Chris Director 701-328-1949
Parent, Amanda Minerals Management Officer 701-328-1903
Sanchez, Jessica Minerals Management Officer 701-328-2802
Spencer, Lynn Mineral Title Specialist 701-328-1921
Surface Management -
Stegmiller, Joseph Director 701-328-1912
Barth, Cory Field Staff Supervisor & Reclamation 701-328-1945
Hecker, Garret Reclamation & Aggregate 701-328-1917
Kobilansky, Ryan Leasing Coordinator, Noxious Weeds 701-328-1926
Lardy, Jacob Improvements & Sign Post Requests 701-328-1919
Spangelo, Kayla Rights of Ways 701-328-1916
Surface Field Staff    
Anderson, Duane Field Inspector  
Baska, Bruce Field Inspector  
Duletski, Anthony Field Inspector  
Ferebee, Dale Field Inspector  
Holm, Kacey Field Inspector  
Kreil, Randy Field Inspector  
Kuntz, Tim Field Inspector  
Paryzek, Corey Field Inspector  
Sondeland, Mike Field Inspector  
Accounting -
Gudvangen, Peggy Director 701-328-1913
Garcia, Maria Accountant 701-328-1910
Siegel, Vicki Administrative Officer 701-328-1909
Information Technology -
Newell, Catelin Director  701-328-2810
Reile, Matthew System Administrator 701-328-1923
Legal -
Wald, James General Counsel 701-328-1948
Papalichev, Elvedina Paralegal 701-328-1918
Administrative Services -
Newell, Catelin Director 701-328-2810
Duppong, Shari Administrative Assistant 701-328-2808
Owings, Rick Administrative Staff Officer 701-328-1922
Schirado, Kate Administrative Assistant 701-328-1925
Weixel, Diane Administrative Assistant 701-328-1920
Revenue Compliance -
Otteson, Adam Director 701-328-1946
Brandvold, Kathy Auditor 701-328-1915
Giere, Scott Auditor 701-328-1951
Reile, Pam Account Technician 701-328-1914