Sale of State Land for Public Purposes McHenry County

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According to Ch. 15-09 N.D.C.C., notice is hereby given that Central Power Electric Cooperative, Inc has submitted an application to purchase (0.46) acres of land, more or less, in McHenry Co., ND, requested to expand their existing substation in:

Township 152 North, Range 78 West

Section 16:  0.46 acres more or less in NW1/4 adjoining to and southwest of the current electrical substation (metes & bounds description can be furnished by the Department of Trust Lands upon request)

The Board of University and School Lands has set a preliminary price for this parcel at $644.00.  The Board of University and School Lands reserves the right to raise the price.  The purchaser must pay the following additional costs:  Land Sale Application Fee $500 and Advertising Cost $135.

A hearing has been set for February 9, 2022, at 2.00 PM CT, North Dakota Department of Trust Lands 1707 N 9TH St, Bismarck, ND. Any person may appear and show cause why the land should not be sold or why the price is insufficient. Anyone needing auxiliary aids and services, please call the Department at 328-2800 or email by February 2, 2022.

January 4, 2021    /s/  Jodi Smith   Commissioner

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