The Surface and Minerals Management Divisions are actively:
  • Managing the leasing process for surface and mineral acres in the State
  • Obtaining fair market returns or royalties for use of these resources
  • Maintaining or improving the condition of the lands

The Surface Division currently manages 706,600 surface acres held in trust for various schools and institutions. The major source of income on these lands comes from agricultural leases, with grazing being the predominant land use.  Significant revenue is also generated from rights-of-way, salt water disposal, and gravel and scoria mining.

The Minerals Division oversees nearly 2.6 million mineral acres throughout the State. The Division’s activities include the analysis, title work, and administration of oil and gas leasing; as well as management of coal, potash, and other mineral leasing operations.The Minerals Division's main source of income is from lease bonus payments and royalties.