Lease Forms and Policies


On March 28, 2019, the Board adopted the North Dakota Board of University and School Lands Minerals Policy Manual – Chapter 2, Oil & Gas and amended the Board’s Oil and Gas Lease to reflect these policies. With the Board revising the rules into Board Policies, the Board’s Oil and Gas Lease was revised to reflect the word “policies” instead of “rules and regulations".


Men working on a Siturian Test, Mckenzie County, ND

Downloading ND Trust Lands Mineral GIS Instructions

The GIS Data link provided transfers you to The ND GIS Hub.

  1. Click link
  2. On left-hand side, select the following in Step 2:
    1. Coordinate System (automatically NAD83); and
    2. Format (automatically ESRI Shapefile)
  3. Enter email
  4. Select “Get Data”
  5. Click “OK” on window that pops up
  6. Click “Thank You” on window that pops up, then close window.

ND GIS Hub will email you with a link to download the NDDTL Mineral ShapeFile in Zip form.